Senior Spy Gets Severe Demotion 1

René Mujica, who previously served two tours in Europe as an ambassador, most recently as Havana’s senior diplomat in England, is now the “Coordinator” for the Analytic Group in the North American Directorate of the Ministry of Foreign Relations (MINREX).  Normally, having served as a deep-cover spy and then in multiple ambassadorial postings, Mujica should be at least a Department Head by now.

For comparison, one need look no further than Josefina Vidal Ferreiro, who currently heads MINREX’s North America Directorate.  Vidal served as a First Secretary at the Cuban Interests Section in Washington, DC until she was thrown out in May 2003 as part of a mass expulsion of Cuban diplomat spies.  Despite this set back, she moved on to become a directorate chief.  Meanwhile, a former ambassador – who served as a First Secretary in the US over 25 years ago, is now a staff bureaucrat working several tiers below her.  Makes one wonder what, or who, sabotaged his career….

For more on the background of this one-time highly trusted officer, read “When Spies Become Diplomats” at


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