Cuban Travel Agency in Coral Gables Firebombed 1

Cuban Travel Agency in Coral Gables Firebombed


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  1. This fire happened right after Florida Governor Rick Scott announced he would sign a bill banning the state and local governments from hiring companies tied to Cuba. The Miami Herald has not mentioned how much insurance money Vivian Mannerud is going to collect for the “suspicious” blaze in her office. This looks like a going-out-of-business fire sale.
    Her daddy is the convicted criminal and Castro agent Fernando Fuentes Cobas, who was working for Cuban intelligence back in 1959, when he betrayed Rafael del Pino. In December 1982 Fuente Cobas was sentenced to a year in prison and a $10,000 fine for conspiring with three Cuban nationals to fly communications equipment, airplane parts, Pepsi-Cola machines and duffel bags full of quarters to Cuba aboard his charter flight. His appeal was denied by the US Supreme Court in February 1985, but by then he had fled to Cuba and died a year later, where he received a State funeral. He is interred in the pantheon of revolutionary immigrant heroes in Colon Cemetery in Havana.

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