Castro Apologists Devoted, Just Not Very Clever…… 2

To no one’s surprise, Arturo Lopez-Levy, a rising star within the apologist crowd, gave a glowing endorsement of Stephen Kimber’s forthcoming book on the Cuban 5.  A Canadian academic, Kimber is a well-known for his pro-regime stance and of late has tried to broaden his appeal by appearing more moderate in his writings.  Curiously, Lopez-Levy cited research by Lisando Perez, an “outed” Cuban asset and longtime professor at Florida International University as evidence of Kimber’s “objectivity.”  The speaker, a PhD candidate in the American Midwest, presented his review last month at the left-leaning Center for International Policy in Washington, D.C.

Arturo_Lopez_Levy speech


  1. Here is more on Lisandro Perez
    In my academic paper, “Academic Espionage: U.S. Taxpayer Funding of a Pro-Castro Study” by the Bush State Department in 1993, I “outed” Perez, who headed the project
    Perez responded by threatening a lawsuit for “slander” and referred the matter to the FIU attorney for action, in this letter
    Two decades have passed and the threatened lawsuit never materialized.

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