Senior Spy-Diplomat Denies Cuba’s Human Rights Abuses Reply

Statement by Josefina Vidal, Head of United States Division at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

We strongly reject the content of the report by the State Department on the situation of human rights in Cuba which the United States Government arrogates the right to issue, unaware of its own record of abuses within the country and in the world.

Like it occurs with the unjust and unfounded inclusion in the list of States sponsor of international terrorism, the singularization of Cuba in this report has nothing to do with the real situation of human rights in our country.

The lies and distortions included in this document only respond to the desperate necessity the United States Government has to justify the cruel policy of blockade against Cuba that´s rejected each day more inside and outside the United States.

Cuba has done a fundamental contribution to the respect to the human rights in the country and in the world. Many of the rights Cubans enjoy and have constitute a dream  to the majority of the world population, including an important part in the United States. The same happens internationally, where the presence of Cuba in other countries can only be associated with the humanitarian labor to heal and teach, in contrast with theUnited States´ aggressive and interventionist adventures that continue provoking innocent victims within the civil population in many nations.

May 24, 2012

Editor’s Note:  Josefina Vidal was one of 16 Cuban Intelligence Officers thrown out of the US in May 2003.

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