An Overview of Espionage Operations Based Out of the Cuban Interests Section 1

A Short History of 35 Years of Espionage

State Department Belatedly Burns Seven Cuban Spies

Since the US and Cuba do not have diplomatic relations, this facility is the conduit for contact with the Cuban government.  Politically, an “Interests Section” ranks one step below an Embassy.  The Cuban Interests Section is hosted by  Switzerland, which also hosts the US Interests Section in Havana.   One of only two Cuban diplomatic facilities in the US, it is the base for a considerable number of intelligence personnel and missions.


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  1. A great piece!

    The spymaster Fidel Castro states at a press conference in Pabexpo, on March 4, 2000, that:

    “Our people has strict orders to abstain from doing intelligence at our Interest Section. That was, as I had explained, 22 years ago. And I personally took care about it, because when the U.S. office was established by the Carter administration , I told to myself: ´Havana will be full of CIA agents, and it´s better to have a higher moral.´ Do you understand? We gave a categorical order against every type of intelligence activity by our Interest Section”.

    So, the guys at the IS in Washington disobeyed the order of ther Commander in Chief.

    Kind regards,


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