Structure and Missions of Cuba’s Directorate of Intelligence (DI) Reply

Overall departmental structure and missions of the Directorate of Intelligence (DI), Cuba’s primary foreign intelligence service:   

MX: DI Headquarters

M-I:  US Targets

M-II:  Latin America

M-III:  Analysis

M-IV:  Logistics

M-V:  Illegal operations

M-VI:  Science & Technology (S&T)

M-VII:  Unknown

M-VIII:  Foreigners in Cuba

M-IX:  Active Measures

M-XI:  Signals Intelligence (SIGINT)

M-XV:  Agent Communications

M-XVI:  Guerrilla Support

M-XIX:  Counterrevolutionary Targets (i.e., anti-Castro groups).

M-XX:  Security Guards

M-XXI:  Diplomatic Couriers (uncertain: couriers could potentially be M-VII)

M-XXV:  Europe

M-XXX:  Africa

CII:  Internal Counterintellignece


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