Granma: U.S. Intelligence Agents Running Puerto Rican Security Forces Reply

by Jean-Guy Allard

Havana. June 7, 2012

FOLLOWING the release of a devastating report on police corruption in Puerto Rico last year, the United States government has sent intelligence specialist Joseph S. Campbell to run the San Juan office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and Héctor Pesquera, controversial former FBI agent, to take charge of the island’s police force. The result: all of Puerto Rico’s security forces are today in the hands of two U.S. intelligence agents.

September 8, 2011, the governor of this U.S. colony, Luis Fortuño, began preparing the public for the presentation of a report from the U.S. Justice Department which asserted that Puerto Rico’s police force was plagued by corruption, carried out illegal searches and seizures, discriminated against foreigners and abused its power.

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Editor’s Note: The author of this story, Jean Guy Allard, was identified as an agent of Cuban Intelligence in 2008 by a former member of the Directorate of Intelligence, Havana’s foreign intelligence service.


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