Castro and Kennedy’s death: Connecting the dots? 4


            In 1987, Florentino Aspillaga, the most valuable Cuban intelligence officer ever to defect, provided the CIA with detailed information that Fidel Castro’s security forces knew and could have directed Lee Harvey Oswald’s plan to assassinate President Kennedy in Dallas. This potentially provocative news was buried among thousands of documents written on the tragic subject.

Now this vital piece of information has been made public as the main thesis of the book  Castro’s Secrets: the CIA and Cuba’s Intelligence Machine, by Brian Latell, a historian and the CIA’s former National Intelligence Officer for Latin America. The book is a well researched and factual narrative that unmasks the official secrecy and ideologically driven theories that for many years have distorted the fundamental premises of the JFK assassination.

The son of a high-ranking communist official, Florentino Aspillaga was, in 1963, monitoring Miami radio communications from the CIA and Cuban exile operations working against Castro’s Cuba. This was his only assigned duty that year, until Nov. 22, around 9 a.m., when he was instructed to cancel the CIA radio monitoring and redirect his antennas to Texas. Aspillaga was ordered to immediately report on anything happening in that U.S. region. About four hours later, President Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas. Did Castro know that JFK would be killed?



  1. Latell’s theory is a rehash of the absurd. In April 1963, during Fidel Castro’s visit to Moscow, Nikita Khrushchev showed him the classified correspondence of the Kennedy-Khrushchev understandings that ended the Cuban Missile Crisis and allowed a Soviet combat brigade to remain on the island indefinitely. Kennedy neutralized Brigade 2506 and closed all the anti-Castro training camps in Florida. He was the guarantor of Castro’s permanence in power. It is illogical and amateurish to believe that Castro would even think of killing his benefactor Kennedy. On the other hand, Kennedy betrayed the Cuban exiles and the CIA operatives in the trenches of the Cold War, who would have a greater interest in getting rid of Kennedy.

  2. Tony has a good point. Only Latell & Co., who boast about revealing Castro’ s secrets, but are missing him in plain sight can conceive that Castro dared to kill JFK knowing that LBJ was the replacement. By that time, JFK emissary Atwood had already started to talk with Lechuga in New York.

  3. I have never bought the “castro killed JFK” scenario; I’ve always leaned towards organized crime as the senior culprit involved with some others on the periphery. That said, this is a very tantalizing data-point in the history of the assassination that begs for more inquiry and confirmation.

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