Former Spy Recalls True Tales of Suffering, Endurance, Revenge and Justice Reply

Julio Antonio del Marmol pens new autobiography, “The Cuban Lightning”

COSTA MESA, Calif. (PRWEB) June 22, 2012

A former spy recounts his jaw-dropping, real-life experiences working with the U.S. and international intelligence services in “The Cuban Lightning: The Zipper” (published by iUniverse), the new nonfiction by Julio Antonio del Marmol.

Growing up in Cuba, del Marmol initially joined Fidel Castro’s inner circle but quickly found that it was overrun with greed and corruption. At the young age of 13, he took the very first secret photos of the missiles that started the Cuban Missile Crisis; missiles that are actually still in Cuba today despite reports to the contrary. He became one of the thousands to escape the regime and accepted an assignment to become a spy, working as a “freedom fighter” with intelligence services throughout the world.

Del Marmol would go on to lead one of the largest covert money-printing operations in history. This operation, codenamed “The Zipper,” was created to finance counterterrorism and covert operations all over the world. It was his job to supervise a team that printed millions of dollars worth of U.S. currency.

Everything was going well until a trusted friend set del Marmol up, pointing to him as a counterfeiter. Even though he had the undocumented sanction of government intelligence services, he was disavowed and abandoned. Facing a 70-year sentence, he refused to betray his team members.  Sitting in jail, cut off from his contacts, he hatched a plan to escape, even as the Secret Service was doing everything in its power to convict him and send him away for life.

Join a ghost agent who knew Fidel Castro, Raul Castro and Che Guevara, only to see family and friends killed by their regime. He gets his revenge, but it’s a battle just to stay alive in “The Cuban Lightning.”

About the Author:  “Julio Antonio del Marmol” was born in the small town of Pinar del Rio, Cuba. For more than 40 years, he worked as a spy and freedom fighter, surviving 56 attempts on his life. Del Marmol is also the author of “Cuba: Russian Roulette of America.”


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