“Burned” Cuban Agent Moves From Miami to the Big Apple 6

Dr. Lisandro Pérez, formerly a Sociology professor at Florida International University (FIU), has moved to John Jay College in New York City.  Identified as a Cuban Intelligence agent by no less than three separate sources, Perez was first “outed” 32 years old.

In 1974, the trimester Areito magazine was founded, which boasted of its support for Castro’s Cuban Revolution.  Four founders and collaborators of Areito were Jorge Dominguez, Carmelo Mesa-Lago, Lisandro Pérez & Marifeli Perez-Stable.  In 1980, Committee of 75 leader, Reverend Manuel Espinosa, publicly denounced Areito as front organizations for DGI espionage and recruitment campaign in the United States.  In March 1982, a Florida Department of Law Enforcement Special Agent testified before the U.S. Senate Subcommittee on Security and Terrorism, that Areito was “DGI propaganda.”  Then, in July 1983, DGI Captain Jesus Perez-Mendez defected to the United States and also confirmed Areito’s ties to Cuban Intelligence.


Pérez was formerly a Sociology professor at Florida International University (FIU) and the founder of the Cuban Research Institute (CRI).  He established CRI in 1991 and developed it into the premier academic center in the US for the study of Cuba and Cuban Americans.  He served as its director until 2003.  CRI has a relationship with the influential Inter-American Dialogue and they co-sponsor Cuba-related events in DC.  He is also a long-time supporter of dialogue w/dialog with Cuba.

Pérez has a lifelong interest in Cuban migration to the U.S., the dynamics of the Cuban-American community, and social change in Cuba. For several years, he was the author of the journal Cuban Studies, which has been published annually by the University of Pittsburgh   Press since 1985. It is the preeminent journal for scholarly work on Cuba.  He has contributed to several edited collections and has written articles for journals such as Columbia Journal of World Business, International Migration Review, the Latin American Research Review, Los Angeles Times, and the Journal of Latin American Studies. He has appeared on PBS’ Frontline, at the Woodrow Wilson Int’l Center for Scholars, at the Inter-American Dialogue, and the Association for the Study of the Cuban Economy (ASCE).

See the full article here:  Burned Cuban Agent Moves From Miami to the Big Apple


  1. In spite of more than 35 years as a university professor, Lisandro Oscar Perez has never published a book with a university press, which is a measure of solid academic work. In fact, http://www.amazon.com indicates that he has only co-authored one book, in 2002, with Nancy Foner and Guillermo Grenier, the latter traveled to Cuba in 1979 with the Antonio Maceo Brigade and in 1980 was a founding member of the Circulo de Cultura Cubana, directed by Marifeli Perez Stable, and denounced in 1983 by defector Jesus Perez Mendez as a DGI front organization.
    During the 1980s, Lisandro Perez and Guillermo Grenier were members of the board of the Instituto de Estudios Cubanos, headed by Maria Cristina Herrera, who the Rev. Manuel Espinosa in 1980 publicly denounced as a DGI agent.
    In 1971, Lisandro Perez married Ana Maria Rey, who was also a founding member of the pro-Castro Areito magazine.
    In September 1996, after 25 years of marriage, Lisandro divorced his wife and on July 19, 1997, the 48-year-old professor married student Liza Ivette Carbajo on her 27th birthday.
    Here is more information on Lisandro Oscar Perez
    who in 1993 threatened a lawsuit against the Institute for U.S.-Cuba Relations

    Click to access Lisandro-Perez-1993.pdf

    after they published my academic article

    Click to access FIU-espionage-1993.pdf

    outing him as a Castro agent.
    My article was also published in Miami’s “Diario as Americas,” March 5, 1993

    Click to access espionaje-academico.pdf

    Perez never proceeded with his threatened lawsuit.

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  5. Of course,Areito is a subversive publication with the mean to recruit agents,the same as many other publications and media web sites which the DGI uses in its effort to gather intelligence.Youtube has users that if anyone read their postings on that channel will come up with the conclusion that they are somehow involved with the Cuban Intelligence aparatus.

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