This Month in History: Cuban Spies Active in British Guiana Reply

July 1963:  Gines Silvio Gorriz, head of the British Guiana desk for the South America Section of the DGI’s National Liberation Department, visited British Guiana.  He returned in September 1963 and March 1964 on unspecified intelligence duties.  While little is known of Cuban Intelligence operations in the country during this period, declassified CIA reports claim the DGI’s workload justified the assignment of two assistants.

Editor’s Notes:

1). The Directorate General of Intelligence (DGI) was the foreign intelligence wing of the Ministry of the Interior.  Since its 1989 reorganization, this service has been known as the Directorate of Intelligence (DI).

2). British Guiana, now known as Guyana, became independent on May 26, 1966.


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