This Date in History: Spies Expelled For Illegally Acquiring US Technology 1

July 4, 1982:  The US ordered the expulsion of Second Secretary Mario Monzon Barata and Attaché Jose Rodriguez Rodriguez. Posted to the Cuban Mission to the United Nations (CMUN), the two DGI officers were accused of violated the Trading With the Enemy Act by “buying, and trying to buy, large quantities of high-technology electronic equipment, much of it subject to strict trade controls.”  The State Department cited Monzon as chief of the DGI Center in New York City and claimed he had violated the Trading with the Enemy Act routinely for over a year. Monzon first arrived at the CMUN in September 1980. The New York Times cited Rodriguez as Monzon’s secretary.


One comment

  1. The high-technology electronic equipment Monzón was trying to buy was for intended for Castro. Good Fidel, a NY Yankees fan, wanted to watch American baseball games from Havana. So much for Cuban spies in the U.S.

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