Spy Surrogate to Host “Free the Five” Symposium 2

The Cuban News agency, Prensa Latina, has reported that the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP) will hold the 8th International Colloquium for the Release of The Cuban Five on November 28th – December 1st.  Held in the city of Holguin in eastern Cuba, the forum will focus on coordinating new actions for the release of the five spies, according to the invitation made to solidarity activists and organizations worldwide.  The colloquium will begin with a cycling tour.  The schedule also includes meetings with relatives of the Cuban 5, as well as discussions and cultural exchanges.

According to PRELA, attendees are also expected to review the implementation of agreements reached in last year’s 7th Colloquium, when they agreed on strategies to strengthen solidarity with the Cuban Five, including better use of social media.  Activists from 50 countries attended the meeting in 2011.

See the PRELA release here:  http://www.plenglish.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=522903&Itemid=1

Editor’s Note:  DGI officer Jesus Raul Perez Mendez was director of the Cuban Institute for Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP) before his July 1983 defection.  According to the New York Times, ICAP “arranges and supervises visits by Americans to Cuba and maintains contacts with native-born Cubans in other countries.”  The Times also cited a State Department spokesman who claimed ICAP was suspected of having an intelligence collection mission in support of the DGI. 

The Directorate General of Intelligence (DGI) was the foreign intelligence wing of the Ministry of the Interior.  Following a 1989 reorganization, this service became known as the Directorate of Intelligence (DI). 

More recently, a former DI officer reportedly that ICAP is not a DI entity per se, but that it was overwhelmingly influenced by the intelligence service. The highly-reliable émigré claimed ICAP was penetrated by a small cadre of bona fide DI officers, aided by a large staff of agents (i.e., collaborators). As a result, roughly 90% of ICAP was thought to be DI-affiliated.


  1. The former ICAP president was Rene Rodriguez Cruz, a firing squad executioner, spy master and drug trafficker, seen here with FIU Professor Marifeli Perez Stable in 1978
    In 1982, Rodriguez and three other Cuban officials were indicted by a US Federal court for drug trafficking
    The Castro dynasty later claimed that he “committed suicide.”

    • Rene Rodriguez Cruz committed suicide? I don’t think so,Castro’s regime used him and then disposed him like it has done with so many other useful idiots over the years.Simply Castro got rid of him.

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