Expelled Cuban Spy Denounces American Ideals of Hard Work and Responsibility Reply

In an unintentionally humorous interview in the leftist newspaper, The Militant, Olga Salanueva, the spy-wife of convicted spy René González, rants ad nauseam about the hardship of having to pay bills and work at a real job while committing espionage against the United States. 

Salanueva laments, for example, that “before I could enter the United States, René had to sign an affidavit saying he would take responsibility for my expenses, that I wouldn’t become a “burden to society.”  Salanueva, who was pregnant when she arrived in Florida, condemns the US for providing a year of free health care to refugees who escape Cuba, whereas she and her husband had to buy their own health insurance. 

She also makes the irrational claimed that since she knew no English, it was difficult to find viable employment in South Florida.  Salanueva then freely admits quitting her first job after three grueling days before getting a part-time job with no benefits. 

She did however, enjoy receiving Medicaid for her new-born daughter, but seems genuinely annoyed that the US does not provide a full year of maternity leave as does Cuba.  Similarly, recounting her life immediately after her husband’s arrest for espionage, she comes across as angry that she lost their house because she couldn’t pay the mortgage. 

Read the entire comedic story here:  http://www.themilitant.com/2012/7626/762650.html

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