Expelled Spy Thanks US Actor For Letter Supporting the Cuban Five 1

Olga Salanueva, wife of convicted spy Rene González, thanked M*A*S*H* actor Mike Farrell for the letter he sent President Obama asking for the release of the Cuban Five. 

In a statement to the Cuban News Agency (ACN), Salanueva called her gesture “an expression of gratitude on behalf of the relatives of Gerardo Hernandez, Fernando González, Ramon Labañino, Antonio Guerrero and Rene.”  She applauded Farrell’s initiative and cited it as an example of how other high-profile sympathizers could help the cause. 

Editor’s Note:  Salanueva was deported from the US on humanitarian grounds to raise her children after her husband was arrested for espionage in 1998.

One comment

  1. Mike Ferrell is just another useful idiot used by the Cuban tyranny. Let’s give Mr Ferrell a tour of Boniato Prison in Santiago de Cuba where My father was incarcerated for a decade and then when he is done completing the tour,let’s ask Mr Ferrell if he is still feeling the same way toward Castro communism.

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