Breaking News: Miami to Host “Cuban 5” Conference This Weekend 3

Cuban media have announced a “Cuban 5” forum scheduled for this Sunday (July 15) at the Key Biscayne Hall of the Embassy Suites Hotel in Miami.

The continued appeals of the four spies who remain imprisoned will be a major focus of the event, as will the case of Rene Gonzalez, who finished his sentence in October and is currently serving three years of supervised probation.  According to the Cuban News Agency, the meeting is “an initiative of the Marti Alliance, the Antonio Maceo Brigade, the Jose Marti Association, the Bolivarian Circle of Miami, the Association of Christian Women in Defense of the Family, and other non-governmental groups in solidarity with the island.”



  1. Hopefully……these Castro simpatizers will bring a box of soap each that can be transferred to the people of Cuba who need them.

    • According to declassified CIA material, the Agency fired Luis Conte Aguero in 1969 for being a suspected agent of Cuban Intelligence. Conte had worked for the CIA as a radio commentator and journalist on Latin American affairs at its Miami radio station known as JM WAVE. Only four years earlier, Conte received a commendation from the CIA Director for his role in helping bring together various political parties during the Dominican Republic crisis of 1965. The CIA paid Conte a $30,000 annual salary, a tidy sum in the early-mid 1960s.

      Prior to the Revolution, Conte had been a popular radio commentator and a close friend of Fidel Castro’s since his university days. He served as editor for the book Cartas de Presidio (Letters from Prison), which featured a collection of Fidel Castro’s letters written to friends during his imprisonment. It later became a staple for scholarly research and was translated into English and published in 2007 as The Prison Letters of Fidel Castro. Ann Louise Bardach wrote the English version, with contributions from Fidel Castro and Conte.

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