How Embarrassing! Only 80 People Showed At Miami Conference on “Cuban 5” 3

In yet another demonstration that Prensa Latina (PRELA) needs to institute mandatory drug testing, the Cuban news service hailed Sunday’s “Cuban 5” conference “as a great success.”   PRELA went on to proclaim that “more than 80 people” attended the session, including well-known Castro apologists Max Lesnik, director of Radio Miami, and Andrés Gómez, coordinator of the Antonio Maceo Brigade and editor of the magazine Areito digital. The news release contained no other relevant facts.

Editor’s Note:   The Antonio Maceo Brigade and Areito magazine have long and distinguished histories of collaboration with Cuban Intelligence.   Additional background on both entities can be found in previous “Cuba Confidential” postings.  Please use the “search” feature to find the related posts.

Read the original PRELA article here:



  1. Well,it is very good to know that american public already know the nature of the Cuban 5,I’m glad to know the communists didn’t get any support,I really will like to see the Face of the Cuban 5 cause supporters like Danny Glover.Prensa Latina categorize the attendance of 80 people as a success? It does not surprise me,the Castro communists have been deceiving the world for the last 53 years.Thanks for this topic,very nice!

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  3. Here’s more data on Marx Lesnick, whose father Samuel was a Russian Jewish Bolshevik who fled the Soviet Union when Stalin purged Trotsky and the Jewish Communists
    Here is the link between the Antonio Maceo Brigade and the Puerto Rican terrorist group Macheteros
    according to the testimony of FBI agent John Williamson on February 25, 1987.

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