A Letter to Cuba’s American Prisoner 1

Editor’s Note: The author was appointed by President Ronald Reagan to serve as United States Ambassador to the United Nations Human Rights Commission in Geneva. He was later awarded the Presidential Citizen’s Medal.

Alan P. Gross
Havana, Cuba

Dear friend:

That is how I am compelled to address you, because even though we have never met, we share a common bond: I too lived behind the iron bars now surrounding you in Cuba — in my case for 22 years.

Like you, I was convicted by the Cuban authorities without a single shred of evidence against me.

I know the anguish of interminable days and endless nights, the feeling of helplessness when you know yourself to be innocent. I also know the painful sense of the lack of solidarity from outside the prison walls.

I have no doubt that your greatest pain right now must be the realization that the U.S.

government has turned its back on you. There was a time when the words “I am an American citizen” meant something. They meant all the more when the individual declaring that was the target of abuse outside of the United States. It meant: “I have rights and they are recognized by the government of my country and they will ensure that you, too, respect my rights.”

It gives me great sadness to say that inside the Communist boot that now tramples upon your dignity is the foot of the American president, Barack Obama.

The more Castro’s thugs oppress you and make your family suffer, the more your jailers torture you, the harder things get for you — the more this administration seeks to reward them with new concessions. How is it that in 53 years of Cuba’s brutal dictatorship it was only months after Obama came to the presidency that the Castro brothers first decided to take an American citizen hostage?

Read the entire letter here:  A letter to Cuba’s American prisoner


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  1. My father suffered in a Cuban prison,he was incarcerated in one of the worse prisons,the Boniato prison in Santiago,the eastern part of Cuba.My father said that they interrogated him putting him inside of a cold room for hours and then they put him in a very hot room,they beat him,the communist guards put electricity on his testicles,they shot some of his friends by firing squads and the guards paced around the prison galleries with pieces of human brains and human hair attached to their pants,the firing squads sessions happened early in the morning and every prisoner heard the shots and the shouts of “LONG LIVE FREEDOM” “DOWN WITH COMMUNISM” My father has never been the same person, up to this day he suffers from post traumatic stress disorder.I hate communism,this is the reason why I Joined the US Army and I learned to love freedom and this is the reason why I fought in Iraq in two tours and I don’t regret it,we need to fight for what’s right so others can enjoy freedom,so everything Mr Gross is suffering is regrettable but more regrettable is to know that there are many people that see things like this happening and turn the other way.Mr Gross,GOD BLESS YOU!

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