Cuban Five with Danny Glover and Peter Coyote 1

Courtesy – Los5Cubanos:  The Cuban 5 came to the U.S. during the 90’s to monitor the activities of anti Cuba terrorist groups operating in Miami. Their intention was to stop the attacks that since 1959 have been responsible for the deaths of almost 3,500 innocent people in Cuba. The Five are heroes to the people of Cuba who see them as unarmed defenders of their soverignty and security. They have been in prison in the United States for almost 14 years.


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  1. Danny Glover is a useful IDIOT,he should live and suffer in a Cuban political prison and then see if he feels the same way defending these spies.This is nothing new,the Cuban communism over decades has constructed a smoke screen filled with these useful idiots to eliminate credibility to those who suffer and has suffered over decades of imprisonment,lack of civil rights,brutality and repression.this people(The Cuban communists) are the same that enter public blogs in the web to create their smoke screen,for instance in you tube the Cuban communists have created a great program of disinformation,the same way in facebook,Youtube,The communists are using celebrities trying to influence US policy in lieu of the Five spies and unfortunately they have been able over the years to recruit US personnel is key positions(Ana Montes) to create or to give a false assessment of the current Cuban threat capability,the Cuban Embargo and the 5 Spies.These are mainly the three factors in which the Cuban tyranny has based its existence.The Cuban Tyranny has created over 53 years of tyranny a great disinformation campaign and presently they has introduced in the web to the point of trying to repressed everyone that express themselves contrary to their political views or somehow interfere with their political aims.

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