Pastors for Peace Members Meet Relatives of the Cuban 5 1

The Cuban News Agency (ACN) reports that members of the 23rd “US-Cuba Friendship Caravan” spoke to relatives of the Cuban 5 in Havana on Tuesday.  The five spies:  Gerardo Hernandez, Rene Gonzalez, Ramon Labañino, Antonio Guerrero (Tony) and Fernando Gonzalez, were arrested in 1998.  This group of intelligence officers and agents were ultimately convicted of numerous charges, including conspiracy to commit murder and espionage-associated crimes. 

According to ACN, the Pastors for Peace group was briefed on the Castro regime’s perspective of the spy case.  Elizabeth Palmeiro, Ramon’s wife, expressed her gratitude to the group for their support to “The Five.”  Palmeiro claimed the case is entirely political and demands international support if they are ever to be released from prison.  On a related note, the use of social networks and the internet was emphasized by Antonio Guerrero Cabrera, eldest son of convict Antonio Guerrero.

The 60-plus Pastors for Peace activists, coming from the US, Canada, Mexico and Europe, arrived in Havana on Saturday with approximately 100 tons of humanitarian aid.

Editor’s Note:  According to several former members of the Directorate of Intelligence, Cuba’s foreign intelligence service, Pastors for Peace has been a key religious target for decades.

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  1. Pastors for Peace?Were is the war? The only war is the war provoked by a despot dictator that has repressed Cubans for 53 years and has brought the world at times at the edge of nuclear destruction.These same people should be advocating for something better,Why don’t they commence advocating for Human rights in the slave island?Why don’t they advocate for the tyrant to leave Cuba once and for all?Why don’t these “Pastors for Peace” Commence advocating to bring all these criminals to justice,The criminal Cuban Generals,Ramiro Valdes, Colome Ibarra,The murderer Colonel of the Ministry of the Interior Ernesto Samper, General Fernnado Vecino Alegret among others?Why don’t they do that?Let’s advocate to bring to Justice all these Members of the Cuban Military and the Cuban government that have been involved in crimes against humanity including Fidel and Raul the way,let’s the Cuban spies serve their sentences,they are also part of Castro criminal apparatus.

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