Russia’s Pravda Reaffirms Spy Roots of Cuban Blogger Percy Francisco Alvarado Godoy 1

Venezuela: Imperialist and Zionist threats

Extracts (emphasis  added):

Percy Francisco Alvarado Godoy, a retired Cuban Intelligence Officer who also trained Venezuelan Intelligence agents, wrote a series of articles for Patria Grande about the CIA in Venezuela. “

“In June 2011, the Venezuelan right wing students organized a large destabilization campaign with the methods they had learned from the CIA and Miami gangsters, targeting the National Experimental University Francisco de Miranda, the Technological Institute in Coro and the University of Falcón. Furthermore, they assaulted the seat of CORPOELEC in Coro, state of Falcón. All in all, the retired Cuban Intelligence Officer records 31 destabilizing activities of the Venezuelan right wing youth in 2011.”


One comment

  1. The same demagogic propaganda based on lies,this is the way the DI try to deceive the public opinion with the mean of turning the world opinion against the US.Persons like Godoy despicable as they are, create a false stigma that whoever don’t support the cause of communism is a Cia Agent,according to the Castro communism everyone that oppose them is a Cia agents an an imperialist,so the Cia will run out of budget pretty soon because in the eyes of these useful idiots everyone is an agents,Imagine to listen to these demagogic words for 53 years of tyranny?Disinformation,this is what the Castro communists have based their system on.

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