This Date in History: Spy Outreaches in Chicago and Nicaragua 2

27 July 1996:  Intelligence officer and Interests Section Third Secretary Johanna Tablada spoke at a bookstore in Chicago.  The next day she spoke at a Chicago picnic honoring the Cuban Revolution hosted by the Venceramos Brigade.

July 27, 1979:  Manuel “Redbeard” Pineiro attending the meeting restoring relations between Cuba & the Sandinista-led Nicaragua.  The presence of this legendary spymaster demonstrated the significance afforded the relationship.   Pineiro remained in Nicaragua during the first several months of the Sandinista regime.  According to the New York Times, Sandinista officials privately characterized Pineiro’s role in the Sandinista victory as “indispensable.”


  1. There is no a doubt Mr Pineiro was deemed indispensable to the Sandinistas.He was responsible for many of the subversion going on in Central and South America as well as the espionage and murdering of Cuban exile figures from the very beginning of the so call revolution,even though Pineiro was replaced by another thug,Ernesto Samper,I’m very glad he was taking out of the picture by his own master whom he obediently served.Did Pineiro really died in a car accident?Only an idiot will believe such a lie.The Castro dictatorship create them,the Castro dictatorship erase them from the picture.He was nothing more than a useful idiot.

  2. There is nothing new we all know the main function and mean of the Castro-communist apparatus is to subvert,divide societies as well as try to recruit those naive and gullible enough.The Venceremos brigade was nothing else than another organization created by the communists with the mean of subvert the American youth and to spread communist propaganda.Those who have the misfortune to have live and suffer under the communist system will know every stratagem organized by this hateful system and those who don’t know without knowing will become their puppets.

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