This Date in History: Legendary Spymaster in Chile to Advise Salvador Allede 1

July 30, 1973:  As resistance to Allende increased during 1973, Castro wrote and told him he was secretly dispatching Manuel “Redbeard” Pineiro to assess the situation and offer his professional opinion. At the time, Pineiro lead the National Liberation Directorate (DLN), a 400-man element, previously assigned to the General Directorate of Intelligence (DGI), which oversaw support to foreign revolutionary movements.

Pineiro and Vice Prime Minister Carlos Rafael Rodriguez arrived on July 30th under the pretext of discussing the agenda for the forthcoming meeting of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM).  After Rafael Rodriguez publicly claimed that Chile was the only nation in the Americas where a non-violent road to socialism was possible, Pineiro delivered Castro’s letter to Allende.  The two Cuban officials made confidential recommendations to Allende and then left at the end of their five-day stay. Castro’s advice to Allende to consolidate his gains and eliminate his opposition was repeated in August and again rejected by Allende.

One comment

  1. Castro dispatched Pineiro the same way he actually dispatches Ramiro Valdes to Venezuela to help consolidate his political gains simply because these people are known to victimize the population and help to organize the communist apparatus whenever and where ever they go.Allende was nothing more than a puppet installed by the Chilean left with the help of Castro as a proxy nation to help expand and to conduct the guerrilla theory that Castro and his cronies were experimenting in South America to destabilize the region, and turn it in the main guerrilla focus to subvert America’s interest in the region. Pineiro as Valdes actually is, were known henchmen that have helped keep Castro tyranny and repressive apparatus for the last 53 years.Valdes actually is the thinking evil behind the Castro dictatorship,he was a Fidelists and now he is serving in lesser terms with Castro’s Brother Raul,he is a real jackal.

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