Peace activist Cindy Sheehan to Join Wife of Cuban 5 Spy at Mexico Conference 1

On Friday August 17, Rosa Aurora Freijanes, wife of convicted spy Fernando Gonzalez, will speak on the “Cuban 5” in Tijuana Mexico. American activist Cindy Sheehan will join her in “denouncing the injustice.”  Attendees will also be updated on other activities intended to help “bring the Cuban 5 back to their homeland.”

Time & Location:  Friday August 17, 6pm at the Hotel Palacio Azteca, Blvd. Cuauhtémoc Sur # 213, Colonia Dávila, Tijuana México

This event is part of the U.S./Cuba/Mexico/Latin America Labor Conference from August 15-19, 2012.  For more information for the Cuban 5 event, call: 510-219-0092.

In Spanish:


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  1. Of course we can openly perceive the dirty work of the Cuban intelligence and the irrational behavior of a woman(Cindy sheehan) who does not respect the memory of her son,who died in Iraq and she is not representing the ideals her son died for,I had friends who died in Iraq and their family members will have never have reacted so irrational and treacherous this woman is reacting on taking sides with enemies of United States,If I had died in Iraq my wife would have never reacted the way sheehan is reacting by denouncing US policy on every issue.It is not the US Government’s fault your son died in Iraq.The minute he signed in the dotted line(the same way I have done) we all knew there is a possibility we will die fighting for what we stand for.Now, The Castro communists are using every method and mean to make sure the Five spies are released,these Castroids not only don’t know how to govern their own country,they want to conduct policy and Govern other countries.We should never release the 5 spies until they serve their sentences,if we release them #1 It will be a sign of weakness and a sign that we are manipulated by a hateful regime that has been for decades committed every kind of violation and crimes against humanity.If those 5 spies are released that day will be a day of infamy.We should not apologize much less fraternize with communism or communists.

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