Senior Spy “Spinning” Death of Cuban Dissident Oswaldo Paya [Updated] 2

Gustavo Machin Gomez, a seasoned spy expelled from the US for espionage, continues to spin news coverage of the recent death of Cuban dissident Oswaldo Paya, a winner of the Sakharov human rights prize.  Machin currently serves under cover as director of Cuba’s International Press Center.

According to the Washington Times, “Mr. Paya earned international attention in 2002 when, on the eve of the arrival of a visit by former President Jimmy Carter, he presented parliament with more than 11,000 signatures of support for the Varela Project, an initiative calling for change in Cuba, then run by Fidel Castro.”

One example of Machin’s use of his position to conduct Influence Operations is seen in the article, “Jens Aron Modig confirmed Cuba’s version of the accident and acknowledged that he gave money to Payá.” (  This article discusses the International Press Center’s new conference starring Jens Aron Modig, the Swedish politician who was with Paya during the vehicle accident that took his life.  It reads, in part, “Modig was presented to the press by Gustavo Machin, director of the International Press Center, attached to the Cuban Foreign Ministry, and was in good physical condition despite being slightly injured in the accident. At the time of writing this information Jens Aron Modig appeared before the accredited foreign journalists in Cuba.”[emphasis added]

According to the Communist Party newspaper Granma, Modig was subsequently allowed to return to Sweden “in spite of the illegal activities he carried out,” during which he “got involved in clearly political activities contrary to the constitutional order.”  Meanwhile, Spaniard Angel Carromero – who was driving the car carrying Paya when it crashed – “has been accused of the charge of homicide while driving a vehicle on public roads.”

Less than 10 years ago, First Secretaries Gustavo Machin Gomez and Oscar Redondo Toledo were declared Persona Non Grata and expelled from the United States.  At the time,both spies had been serving under diplomatic cover at the Cuban Interests Section. According to the Washington Post, the expulsion retaliated for the 16-year career of Cuban spy Ana Montes, who was sentenced in October 2002.  Machin was then promoted to Ambassador to Pakistan, where he is believed to have targeted US counterterrorism operations in the region.

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