Cuban Dissident’s Family Insists Another Car Was Involved in Fatal Crash 1

The family of the late Oswaldo Payá says a mysterious red Lada was at the site of the crash and refuses to accept the government’s finding the dissident was killed in a one-car crash

By Juan O. Tamayo,

The family of Cuban dissident Oswaldo Payá made fresh allegations Wednesday that another car was involved in the crash that killed him and insisted they will not accept the government version of a one-car accident until they speak with the survivors of the crash.

U.S. Senators, meanwhile, approved a resolution urging an independent investigation, and a Spanish politician said Angel Carromero deserves a “clear and transparent” legal process.

Payá and fellow dissident Harold Cepero died in the July 22 crash, while Carromero, vice president of the Madrid chapter of New Generations —the youth wing of Spain’s ruling Popular Party, and Swedish politician Jens Aron Modig suffered minor injuries. The Spaniard is jailed on suspicion of vehicular homicide, and Modig returned to Stockholm Tuesday.

Payá’s son, Oswaldo José, 24, said the family was told that a red Lada, the car often used by Cuba’s State Security agents, was very near Carromero’s rented Hyundai when it went off the road and hit a tree near the eastern city of Bayamo.

It was not clear if the two cars collided, but the Lada stopped at the site of the crash and one of its passengers helped Carromero out of the Hyundai. The Spaniard then asked “Who are you? Why are you doing this to us?,” according to the son.

A passenger in the Lada then used his cell phone to summon an ambulance, showing he knew the phone number of someone with the authority to dispatch the vehicle, Oswaldo José told El Nuevo Herald.

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  1. I think an investigation should commence on this case because the Cuban DI was probably involved.Every time the Cuban authorities wish to get any dissident out of the public view,they conduct assassinations, in its own ranks whenever they have the feeling those political figures are going to defect or to eliminate political figures of the dissidence,Laura Pollan was an activist of the ladies in White,she was murdered by the regime,so was Orlando Zapata and now Paya.The sinister section 21 of the Ministry of the interior was probably involved.Honestly an investigation should be open to uncover the truth and to begin to expose the real face of the Cuban regime and to torn down the false veil the Cuban regime has created in front of the world.

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