Lopez Levy Denounces Cuba’s Continued Designation as a “State Sponsor of Terrorism” Reply

Cited as a “Cuban-American scholar” by the Havana media, Castro apologist  Arturo Lopez Levy told the Cuban News Agency (ACN) yesterday that the “inclusion of Cuba in Washington’s list of states sponsors of terrorism exposes the fact that that the US policy of Cuba is a cemetery for ethics and rationality.”

In statements to Prensa Latina, Lopez Levy said the US action is another politicking maneuver by a stubborn minority of the Cuban community in the United States.  A doctoral candidate in Colorado, Lopez Levy continues to minimize his family connections and past service to the Castro regime while consistently promoting pro-regime positions.  He declared the sustained presence of Cuba on the State Sponsors of Terror list as “particularly harmful to bilateral US-Cuba relations.” Lopez Levy insists, according to ACN, “the US blacklisting of Cuba as a state sponsoring terrorism presents the island as a threat to the United States, which favors certain climate of tension in which unexpected incidents by provocateurs may generate a security crisis.”


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