US State Dept: Cuba Remains on Terrorism List 2

Country Reports on Terrorism 2011

Chapter 3: State Sponsors of Terrorism

Office of the Coordinator for Counterterrorism

July 31, 2012

In order to designate a country as a State Sponsor of Terrorism, the Secretary of State must determine that the government of such country has repeatedly provided support for acts of international terrorism. Once a country has been designated, it continues to be a State Sponsor of Terrorism until the designation is rescinded in accordance with statutory criteria. A wide range of sanctions are imposed as a result of a State Sponsor of Terrorism designation, including:

  • A ban on arms-related exports and sales.
  • Controls over exports of dual-use items, requiring 30-day Congressional notification for goods or services that could significantly enhance the terrorist-list country’s military capability or ability to support terrorism.
  • Prohibitions on economic assistance.
  • Imposition of miscellaneous financial and other restrictions.


Cuba was designated as a State Sponsor of Terrorism in 1982. Current and former members of Basque Fatherland and Liberty (ETA) continue to reside in Cuba. Three suspected ETA members were arrested in Venezuela and deported back to Cuba in September 2011 after sailing from Cuba. One of them, Jose Ignacio Echarte, is a fugitive from Spanish law and was also believed to have ties to the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC). Reports suggested that the Cuban government was trying to distance itself from ETA members living on the island by employing tactics such as not providing services including travel documents to some of them. Press reporting indicated that the Cuban government provided medical care and political assistance to the FARC. There was no indication that the Cuban government provided weapons or paramilitary training for either ETA or the FARC.

The Cuban government continued to permit fugitives wanted in the United States to reside in Cuba and also provided support such as housing, food ration books, and medical care for these individuals.

The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) has identified Cuba as having strategic AML/CFT deficiencies. Despite sustained and consistent overtures, Cuba has refused to substantively engage directly with the FATF. It has not committed to FATF standards and it is not a member of a FATF-style regional body, although in 2011 it did attend a Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering in South America meeting as a guest and prepared an informal document describing its anti-money laundering/counterterrorist financing system.

Read the rest of this year’s report here:

More information on State Sponsor of Terrorism designations may be found online at



  1. The Cuban Government has been involved for decades in activities to subvert the Interest of United States of America from the support of South and Central America guerrilla groups,to the instruction and training of guerrilla groups.During the 70s and 80’s was normal for any Cuban to travel to an amusement park in Havana named by the communists Lenin park and once inside sitting in the park’s train you notice the train was filled with Central Americans,mainly salvadorean guerrillas who were wounded,missing arms,legs part of the face,which the Cuban communist government had brought to the island to rehabilitate and recover from their wounds.Cuba was involved in every dirty war and action the soviets did not wanted to get blamed for.Cuba is a terrorist nation and actually is a threat to freedom and to the United States.

  2. We must understand that the Castro regime gets a portion of the earnings of whatever activities or businesses these terrorist groups are conducting from the Cuban island or abroad,the Castro regimen let this groups to stage their world operations from Cuba and at the same time the Cuban government is profiting from these terrorist groups actions.How do you think this regime with its reduced economic revenue has been able to remain in power during 53 years?

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