This Date in History: Cuba Caught Aiding Irish & Colombian Terrorists 2

August 11, 2001:  Colombian police arrested three members of the Irish Republican Army (IRA).  Captured in Bogota, all three had apparently been providing specialized bomb-making expertise to the FARC.  One of the three arrested was Nial Connolly, the IRA’s representative to Cuba since 1996. The BBC and Irish Times reported that Connolly trained at several Cuban military camps and was funded by the Cuban government. The European media also reported that Cuba acted as the conduit between the IRA and the FARC, which maintained a permanent presence in Havana.  Bob Graham, Chair of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence went further, stating that Cuba “is the Latin American headquarters for the Irish Republican Army” and continued to materially support the FARC, especially in the medical arena.



  1. Cuba for decades has been the insurgency base of the world,where terrorists groups have trained for years,the IRA and the terrorist group ETA has shown their presence in the island.The company EUSKAL HERRIA was created by The terrorist group ETA and the Castro brothers profited from this companies and their leaders are in Cuba simply because Cuba is a nation know to sponsor terrorism,the Schools Castro has converted them in espionage centers where the students are given political indoctrination and military prerparation,the institute hermanos gomez in the corner of acosta and porvenir in luyano,havana is a school where the students has supposed to learn industrial electrical system,computers and electrotechnia and some of them are recruited by the DI,then these students end up working with the DI in their different functions cyberspionage,terrorists training or dissidence repression,the assassin COLONEL Ernesto Samper came out of the institute hermanos gomez.and now is a known repressor in Cuba.

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