This Month in History: Paraguay Investigated Suspected Infiltration of Cuban Spies 3

August 2005:  The administration in Paraguay began investigating a large influx of Cubans.  Government officials in Asunción suspect that Cuban Intelligence Officers were entering the country in the guise of medical staff or tourists. Paraguayan officials said that foreign nations provided the information that led to this investigation.  At the time, roughly 200 Cubans were entering Paraguay monthly.  The Police and Prosecutor’s Office seemed most concerned about the Cuban medical brigades in Paraguay’s interior, which operated free of any oversight.





  1. This is the way Cuban Communism act,they follow the same agenda their communist Soviet mentors did in Latino america during the 1920’s and 30’s,They will bring enough communists agitators to a Country,the Cubans will bring a few of their agents and they will commence to interrupt the normal living of the Country,they will create disturbances.they will influence public opinion to the point of turning public opinion to their side,with lies of course,then they will create a false leader to run for presidential elections and then take over the target country,right after that manipulation and murder will follow,they are so predictable.Who will the Cuban communist will fool?

  2. The Cuban Communists will plague with agents the colleges,the Universities and the medium of communications,like Blogs,Facebook and specially youtube where now a days is full of Cuban communist channels advertising their armed forces and criticizing our government policies.Their agenda is to convert to communism the weak minded semi educated individual,the communist agent will fool this individual with subversive propaganda and at the end will gain his support.The Cuban agents do not need to change the way of thinking of a rational free thinking human being,there are many ignorant useful idiots out there to be used and to be manipulated by them.

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