Lone Peruvian Official Met with Cuban Spy Reply

Multiple Cuban media outlets report that Humberto Acuna, the regional governor of Lambayeque, met yesterday with Adriana Perez, wife of convicted Cuban spy Gerardo Hernandez.   Havana’s Prensa Latina stated that the governor received Perez, Cuban ambassador Juana Martinez, and a third individual.

The trio had earlier attended the 13th Solidarity with Cuba Forum in Chiclayo, the region’s capital city.  During their visit with Acuna, they presented the Castro regime’s perspective on the jailed spies.  Additionally, they noted how the Forum pledged to “maintain the struggle” to free the Cuban Five.  More specifically, the Cubans highlighted the group’s demand for the immediate return of the five and the denouncement of the US refusal to allow Perez and fellow spy-wife Olga Salanueva (wife of Rene Gonzalez) to visit their husbands.

During the meeting, Acuna and Martinez also “addressed opportunities for bilateral cooperation in the fields of education, health, sports.”


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