This Date in History: The Birth of Cuban Intelligence 3

August 22, 1958:  From a base in the Sierra Maestra mountains, Raul Castro established the Basic Intelligence Service (SIB).



  1. The Cuban DGI later DI was instituted to repress the Cuban dissidence in the island as well as the penetration of Cuban exile groups in Florida.In recent years thanks to US Counterintelligence,the wasp spy ring was neutralized as well as the capture of Ana Montes, a former Analyst for the DIA who was arrested spying for Cuba,I Celebrated when she was arrested to the point of going to the bookstore to buy the book “TRUE BELIEVER” Which I really enjoyed reading but I still have questions,how is it possible that a Female member of the DGI 4th Directorate named Marta Antecona agent “AIDA” for the communists is living in Florida enjoying a full retirement?

    • I forgot to say thanks to Chris Simmons for been a member of the team that put the Cuban five and Montes inside bars from a service member to another service member,Thank you Sir!

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