Propaganda Sets Off Wild Goose Chase 1

Source:  Capitol Hill Cubans

On August 17th, the Castro regime’s media announced a new legal maneuver seeking to overturn the conviction in U.S. federal court of convicted Cuban spy Gerardo Hernandez (of the so-called “Cuban Five“).

According to the report, reproduced on August 20th by The Miami Herald, Hernandez’s lawyers “had filed” an affidavit alleging that Radio and TV Marti somehow paid journalists to “influence” jury members.

Note there were no Cuban-Americans in the jury that convicted Hernandez.

Yet, as Along the Malecon’s Tracy Eaton has discovered, more than a full week later, no affidavit of this kind has actually been filed in U.S. federal court.

Thus, once again, the Castro regime’s propaganda sent everyone on a wild goose chase.

You’d think the media would generally fact-check anything that comes out of a regime and its apologists who have spent over five decades deceiving its people and the world.


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