Spy Surrogate to Host Yet Another “Cuban 5” Forum 1

Cuba’s Prensa Latina (PRELA) news agency claims that over “200 activists from 33 countries” will attend the “8th International Colloquium for the Release of the Cuban Five,” to be held November 28 through December 1.  Amaury Torno, a member of the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP) went even further, claiming about “300 people from 50 nations are expected to attend the forum.”  He went on to note that the gathering will develop global public relations strategies supporting the convicted spies.  Thus far, the largest delegations are from Italy and Canada said Torno, but Venezuela is expected to field a sizeable group of attendees as well.  The forum’s agenda also will also include a cycling event, Peace Camp tents and meetings with relatives of the Cuban Five.

Editor’s Note: For a concise summary of ICAP’s collaboration with Cuban Intelligence, see the July 5th posting, “Spy Surrogate to Host “Free the Five” Symposium:”  https://cubaconfidential.wordpress.com/2012/07/05/spy-surrogate-to-host-free-the-five-symposium/


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