The Laughable Hypocrisy of Cuban Propaganda Reply

Ricardo Alarcón, president of the Cuban National Assembly, proclaims his moral outrage against the US in today’s edition of the newsletter, “CounterPunch.”  The focus of Alarcon’s faux indignation is the recycled story of several Miami journalists who, over a decade ago, received monies from the US government.  So, the Cuban government – which owns every major media venue on island and employs countless journalists as regime lackeys, is livid about US-funded reporters?  Seriously?  During its glory days, Havana’s propaganda machine was sophisticated, imaginative, and effective.  Not so much anymore…….

—The Editor

The Cuban Five and the Garbus Memo


The US Government seriously violated the Constitution and the Law to guarantee the unfair sentences of the Five Cuban patriots who will soon arrive at 14 years of arbitrary and illegal punishment. This was not an isolated event, but rather a systematic effort during the whole process against the Five that cost millions of tax payers’ money. There is only very limited information available on the duration, resources used, people involved, and other important aspects of the operation.

Disclosing this behavior would force the authorities – both the Court and the Executive- to arrange for the immediate release of our five compañeros and, consequently, Washington has also conspired to hide what it did thus committing an additional crime:  cover up.

Read the entire story here:  The Laughable Hypocrisy of Cuban Propaganda

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