This Day in History: Cuban Intelligence Warned of Coup Against Chilean President 3

September 11, 1973:  At 4am, an intelligence source warned Cuban Intelligence Officer Fernandez de Ona that the Chilean military had scheduled a coup for 7:45am.  By 10:15am, pro-Castro supporters had blocked military forces from entering the street leading to the Cuban Embassy.  Later that day, junta forces overcame the blockade and made their way to the Cuban Embassy.  At about midnight, a brief gunfight erupted between soldiers and Cuban Embassy personnel during which Havana’s Ambassador was wounded in the hand.

The loss of Chilean President Salvador Allende was a serious reversal for Castro.  Over 20,000 Latin Americans had flocked to Chile after Allende’s rise to power.  A wide range of leftist groups “plotted and planned under the benign, if not cooperative, eye of the Chilean secret police that had been effectively taken over by Cuban intelligence.”  

Within two days of the coup, General Pinochet headed the four-man junta and was President of Chile.  During this same period, Admiral Ismael Huerte, the new Foreign Minister, told Cuban Ambassador Mario Garcia Inchaustegui that one of the junta’s first acts was to end all ties with Cuba. The Ambassador, along with his 160-member mission, left Chile on 13 September.



  1. Fidel Castro’s daughter, Alina Fernandez, wrote in her memoirs, “Castro’s Daughter: An Exile’s Memoir of Cuba,” page 115, that the Cuban agents protecting Salvador Allende, headed by Tony de la Guardia, during the military coup “had time to pack their presents and drag along their television sets and washing machines, while we were under the impression that they were giving up their lives in La Moneda to defend the president.”

  2. The Castro communist formula is always the same,infiltrate the target country,penetrate their intelligence service,control the operations of the intelligence services’s country and from there the communist will control the means of communications of the targeted country and then the military and the communists last victim will be the population of the targeted country,The Castro regime has follow this protocol in Chile,Grenada and presently Venezuela where the Cubans control the whole entire country’s political structure and from there they will continue subverting the rest of South America until they turn the whole entire South American continent Communist.

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