Today in History: FBI Arrests Triggered Collapse of “Wasp Network” Spy Ring 1

September 12, 1998:  The FBI arrested 10 of the 40+ Cuban Intelligence officers and agents in the Wasp Network.  Additional members of this spy ring, which stretched from New York City to the capital of Mexico, were arrested over the following years.  Most of those arrested accepted plea agreements and testified against their former colleagues.  The five holdouts, many of whom were Wasp Network leaders, were convicted on numerous charges.  Several received life sentences for their crimes.

One comment

  1. This network was involved in different types of operations from Surveillance of Cuban political exiles to open Espionage against the US.The one that got away from the group was Roque who was responsible for the shot down of the airplanes of brothers to the rescue.The Cuban Regime always has tried to minimize the activities of their intelligence services operations as well as their full support of subversive operations in Asia,South and Central America, as well as in United States territory.

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