Puny Turnout at Australian “Cuban 5” Rally 1

Source:  The Guardian:  The Worker’s Weekly (Communist Party of Australia)

Australia Cuban Friendship Society (ACFS) members in Perth picketed the US consulate on September 13. They demanded the freedom of the Cuban Five, with indignation but a strengthening resolve to continue the struggle for the freedom of the Five Cuban men held unjustly for 14 years in US prisons since September 12, 1998.

Editor’s Note:  To put this story in context, in this CPA Photo by Alex Bainbridge, only eight protesters are visible in the photo.  However, Perth is the 4th largest city in Australia, with a population exceeding 1.7 million people.


One comment

  1. This is very funny! The Cuban dictator Raul does not know what string is going to pull to try to free their repressive 5 puppets.Raul Castro should learn the motto “UNITED STATES DOES NOT NEGOTIATE WITH COUNTRIES THAT SUPPORT TERRORISM”

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