Today in History: Spy Couple in “Wasp Network” Took Deal; Pled Guilty Reply

September 20, 2001:  Marisol and George Gari pled guilty to spying for Cuba.  Marisol Gari agreed to cooperate and received a three and a half year sentence.  George Gari’s plea agreement did not require him to cooperate with the Federal Government and he was sentenced to seven years in prison. There was disagreement among US authorities as to whether the Garis were low-level operatives or up-and-coming spies. Lawyers for the senior Wasp Network spies minimized the Gari’s role in the ring. However, the prosecution pointed out that the Gari’s reported to several Illegal officers and had begun handling their own sub-agents, suggesting a greater level of involvement and achievement within the spy ring.

Editor’s Note:  An “Illegal” is a highly trained intelligence officer assigned abroad who operates with no overt contact with his/her government. Since an Illegal is not protected by diplomatic immunity, he/she generally serves under a false identity with the appropriate supporting documents. 

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