Is Cuba’s New Ambassador to Syria a Retired Spy? 1

Speculation is growing that Fernando Perez Maza, Havana’s newly-appointed Ambassador to Damascus, is a recently-retired Directorate of Intelligence (DI) officer.

Until recently, Perez Maza had served largely “under the radar” as a First Secretary, most likely since August 2006, when his wife – Ana Belkis Cabrera Arregui – arrived. His presence was discovered on this Facebook page of all Syrian-based embassies and their staff: note_id=316110911755880. In contrast, this link to Cuba’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MINREX) diplomatic roster lists fewer and more junior, Embassy staff: siria/EN/Home.aspx

From roughly 1995-2002, Perez Maza served as a First Secretary at the Cuban Interests Section in Washington, DC. While in Washington, he gained notoriety for his involvement in a brutal attack on a crowd protesting the forced return of rescued rafter, Elian Gonzalez.  The “Elian scenario” is known to have been run almost exclusively as a DI propaganda operation.

In the late 1980s, Perez Maza was a Third Secretary at the Cuban Embassy in Mexico City.

President Bashar al-Assad of Syria receives credentials in Damascus from Cuba’s new ambassador to Syria, Fernando Perez Massa (Reuters)

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  1. This is another DI Officer,I think he is shown in the Paya Video standing around near one of the accident victims during the Cuban media coverage of this accident.He is just another repressive agents like TITO MARQUES of the section 10 of the MININT and ERNESTO SAMPER of the section 21 of the MININT.They all have multiple functions,Espionage,repressive agents,Villa Marista Interrogators,At the end they all serve their puppet master the same way repressing and undermining the cause of freedom.

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