Cuban Spy Attended Toronto “People’s Tribunal” 1

The Cuban News Agency (ACN) and Prensa Latina (PRELA) have reported that Adriana Pérez and Elizabeth Palmeiro, wives of Gerardo Hernandez and Ramon Labañino, participated in last weekend’s People’s Tribunal & Assembly in Toronto.  According to ACN, the two women denounced the US for incarcerating their spy-husbands and “thanked participants and organizers for their solidarity.”

Cuban media failed to mention that, following the arrests of 10 members of the Wasp Network, Adriana Pérez O’Connor was identified as a Cuban intelligence agent.  Her mission was to courier messages and material between Havana and Miami.  Still in training as a Directorate of Intelligence (DI) asset when the spy ring was beheaded in September 1998, she and her children were deported and permanently banned re-entry visas.

Adriana and Elizabeth


One comment

  1. How about if my father and other Cuban politic prisoners that suffered under the Castro regime travel to Toronto to denounce
    to denounce the Cuban regime for their crimes against Humanities?

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