Today in History: Cuba Prepared to Run Chile as a “Puppet” State Reply

September 25, 1970:  Luis Fernandez de Ona, the outgoing Desk Officer for Chile within the National Liberation Directorate (DLN), arrived in Santiago for his follow-on assignment as a Counselor Officer at the Cuban Embassy. Fernandez and Beatriz “Tati” Allende, lovers since 1968, had recently married. Her father, Salvador Allende, was elected President in November 1970.  “Tati” Allende soon became her father’s closest political advisor.

Despite Castro’s recommendation for a publicly slow warming of relations, Allende’s administration established relations with Cuba on November 12th. Two days later, Mario Garcia Inchaustegui presented his credentials as the new Cuban Ambassador.  Almost ten years earlier, in January 1961, Uruguay had expelled Inchaustegui (posted as the Cuban Ambassador) for subversive activities.

Editor’s Note:  The DLN was a 400-man element, previously assigned to the DGI, which oversaw support to foreign revolutionary movements.  It later became the infamous America Department (DA). 

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