Today in History: Spy Targeted Missouri’s Agricultural Leaders 1

September 26-28, 2000:  Directorate of Intelligence (DI) officer Gustavo Machin Gomez visited Missouri at the invitation of the Missouri Farm Bureau. Machin, farmers, and local business leaders discussed future trade opportunities for rice and other products.  Prior to the imposition of the US embargo, the US had been the largest exporter of rice to the island.

An expert in understanding and targeting the US government, Machin was one of roughly four dozen “US Targets” officers in the entire Cuban Intelligence Community.  A seasoned spy, he was subsequently expelled from the US for espionage.

For more background on this spy, see:

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  1. Gustavo Machin Gomez is the son of Major Gustavo Machin de Hoed, the Directorio Revolucionario brigand who joined Ernesto “Che” Guevara in the Escambray. Later appointed Under-secretary of the Treasury, he joined the Revolutionary Armed Forces as a member of the General Staff of the Western Army and military chief of Matanzas city. Machin de Hoed completed technical-military studies in Russia. He followed Guevara on his international military adventurism, entering Bolivia on December 9, 1966, via Chile, on an Ecuadorian passport, Number 49836, under the name of Alejandro Estrada Puig. He was Guevara’s chief of operations of guerrilla command until getting killed by the Bolivian army on August 31, 1967, at Vado del Yeso. His bloated corpse was displayed in a hospital laundry house at Vallegrande and buried outside the town. On June 7, 1999, his remains were repatriated to Cuba.

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