This Month in History: Cuba Laid Foundation to Destabilize Bolivia 2

Cuba’s re-engagement with Bolivia began in October 1982 when Havana sent a delegation to the inauguration of President Hernan Siles Zuazo. According to Washington Times correspondent Jay Mallin Sr., by late 1983, dozens of Cuban intelligence personnel were in country training, organizing, and arming local guerilla groups. Mallin also identified two America Department (DA) officers at the Cuban Embassy in La Paz:  Charge d’affaires Angel Brugues Perez and Political Counselor Manuel Basabe. Brugues led the DA’s operations in Bolivia. He was widely reported in the Latin media to be highly experienced in coordinating revolutionary affairs.

Editor’s Note: The America Department (DA) was the name used by the intelligence wing of the Central Committee of the Cuban Communist Party from 1974 to the late 1980s or early 1990s. The DA was heavily involved in supporting revolutionaries and terrorists, but has since become more focused on political intelligence operations. This service is now called the America Area of the International Department of the Cuban Communist Party (PCC/ID/AA).


  1. The Cuban regime has never stopped trying to destabilize South America,since the year 2000 the Cuban communist regime has been operating freely in South America subverting American Interests in the region and due to the war in Afganistan and Iraq which has deterred our attention to Southwest Asia,the Communists had used this opportunity to turn South America in a Red continent ,never before we have seen Latino america turning red the way they actually are. Venezuela has been arming up in front of our noses and making alliances with Castro and Iran and we have let it happen.WAKE UP AMERICA!

  2. Castro regime needed to be brought out of the equation long time ago but due to people like Ana Belen Montes who was feeding our Government with false reports alleging that Cuba was not a threat to the US when in reality is a Great threat,why? because their espionage capability and the Cuban Government relations with terrorists regimes,during the 60 and 70’s the Cuban Government had an ample program to train and support guerrillas,actually they realize that subverting countries from within is cheaper and safer than openly training guerrillas because they do not attract attention to themselves.

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