Today in History: Defector Exposed Cuba’s Support to Terrorists 4

October 10, 1988:  Cuban diplomat Hector Aguililla Saladrigas defected to the US.  During his 14-years in the diplomatic corps, he served in Iran and Syria. He told US authorities that Palestinian radicals secretly provided Havana with large amounts of Western-made weaponry. Havana favored US, Israeli, and Italian weaponry since it helped mask Cuban involvement. These arms were then shipped to Cuban-supported guerrillas in Guatemala, El Salvador, and Chile. When he served as the deputy at the Cuban Embassy in Damascus, he routinely went to Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley to purchase weaponry. On larger acquisitions, a senior Cuban intelligence officer would fly to Damascus to assist him.


  1. The Cuban Government from the beginning of its existence has been training, abetting and supporting terrorist groups and terrorist regimens,Syria,Libya,Hamas, Hezbollah,Iran,all these terrorist countries and factions has been supported by Castro.The Castro communists has been responsible for the deaths of thousands of people in Central America,Africa and South America.The Cuban America Department was directed by the Communist Party and was responsible for supplying aid to every terrorist group and nation(s) that had a communist or terrorist agenda directed to fight the Interests of United States of America and it is surprising to see the falling of every dictatorship except the most despicable one,Castro communist Cuba.

  2. The Cuban government loves to use American weapons because the Aks manufactured in the Island has the marking of the Cuban manufacturer and then it will show Cuban involvement in a particular theater of operation if they use foreign weapons with altered markings,they will deny whatever accusations of Cuban involvement and also because the country the Cubans are trying to subvert most likely will use western weapons as part of their military and using American or Italian weapons will resolve the logistical issue,ammo,parts etc.

  3. I would like to add a few more facts about the relationship of Cuban intelligence with various Palestinian terrorist groups.

    The world famous Venezuelan terrorist Ilich Ramírez Sánchez, or Carlos, the Jackal, was trained in the Cuban province of Matanzas on urban sabotage and the manufacture of explosives. Subsequently, Carlos was retrained in Cuba in intelligence work and he placed all this Cuban training at the disposal of the Palestinian terror organization named The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. By the time he was arrested in Sudan, in 1994, and extradited to France, Carlos is said to have been behind the killing of more than 200 persons.

    Carlos the Jackal used his knowledge of explosives acquired in Cuba in his work for the Romanian Communist State Security which ordered him to bomb the Romanian department of Radio Free Europe.

    In 1976, Israeli military intelligence detected for the first time the presence of Cuban advisers in Palestinian terrorist camps in South Lebanon and in 1978 Cuba is said to have concluded an agreement with the Palestine Liberation Organization allowing for the sending of additional Cuban personnel to South Lebanon while Cuban intelligence in Beirut and Cyprus, under Miguel Brugueres, coordinated the formation of a central PLO intelligence command.

    Also in 1978 Abu Salah Kahalaf, the military director of al-Fatah, one of the PLO member organizations, acknowledged that 500 Palestinian terrorists had been trained in Cuba. Meanwhile, Cuba sent to Irak 100 advisers to train Palestinian terrorists in that country, taking over from the Irakis who had been training the PLO since 1968.

    The Cuban presence in South Lebanon was confirmed during the first Lebanese war of 1982 when the Israel Defense Forces captured Cuban military manuals in Spanish in the PLO camps.

    In 1989, Cuban intelligence arranged for the supply by the PLO of SAM7 shoulder fired antiaircraft missiles to Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega´s forces to be used against an US invasion force.

    These are only a few items of information of Cuban involvement in Middle East terrorism as discloses in the Historical Assessment of Terrorist Activity and Narcotic Trafficking by the Republic of Cuba, by Ralph E Fernández, January 22, 2003.

    Sergio Klein
    October 11,2012

  4. The Cuban advisers were present in a Sinai raid against Israel and also a tank brigade fought as part of the Syrian Army during the Yom Kippur War.

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