New Series Will Feature Cuban Spy’s Ex-Wife Reply


The story of Ana Margarita Martinez will be told mini-documentary style on the new series.

(Miami, FL – October 2012) – The story of Ana Margarita Martinez, a Miami woman who was married to Cuban spy Juan Pablo Roque, was chosen to launch a new series on the new Lifetime series “My Life is a Lifetime Movie”. The series will feature her story on its first episode Wednesday, October 17th at 10:00 p.m. The “My Husband was a Cuban Spy” segment will run that evening from 10:30 to 11:00 p.m. EST.

Ana Margarita Martinez was a divorced mother of two when she met Juan Pablo Roque at her church in Coral Gables. After a three-year relationship, they married and she finally had her white picket fence. Roque – a hero in the community until then because of his dramatic “defection” from Cuba (later learned to have been staged), was a model husband who also won her young children’s hearts.

On February 23, 1996, he left for an alleged business trip and turned up in Cuba just two days after Cuban MiG’s shot down two U.S. civilian planes killing four volunteer pilots and co-pilots in a Brothers to the Rescue search and rescue mission – an organization to which her then husband, a former Cuban MiG, had been a member. Juan Pablo Roque’s marriage to her had been part of his cover – and a sham, making Ana Margarita and her children a part of the Machiavelic espionage plan. Ana Margarita watched in horror as her husband reappeared on the CNN News disembarking a Cubana de Aviación airplane in Havana after the shoot-down. It was soon discovered that he was a spy for the Cuban government, as well as a paid informant for the FBI.

Three years after Roque returned to Cuba, Ana Margarita – who had by then annulled her marriage to the Cuban spy in a civil court of law – won two judgments against the Cuban government for their role in the fraud. The debt is still unpaid. In her personal battle against the Cuban government, Ana Margarita has seized three Cuban airplanes that have arrived at U.S. territory as partial payment to her judgment. Her story has circulated the globe.

In February of 2010, lawyers for Ana Margarita filed motions to garnish eight charter companies that do business with the Cuban government in order to collect the legal debt ordered by a circuit court judge. Those ongoing proceedings thrust her into the news again. The Obama Administration intervened in this judicial process, representing the interests of the Cuban government against Martinez, a U.S.-born citizen. The administration’s actions, totally dismissing the 2001 existing judgment against the terrorist state, not only justify the spy’s activity, sexual battery and torture, but also show a dangerous precedent to the U.S. blocking court orders against terrorist states, which is to serve as a deterrent.

The Lifetime Television series has a mini-documentary style format and is told in the voice of the protagonist.

A viewing party for “My Husband was a Cuban Spy” will be held at Wednesday, October 17th at 8:30 p.m. at Miss Yip Chinese Bistro located at 900 Biscayne Boulevard in Miami.

For more information, call Elaine de Valle at (786) 853-8724 or visit

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