The Cuban Spy Who Betrayed His Brothers 2

The sister of a victim of Cuba’s shoot-down of Brothers to the Rescue pilots is unimpressed by Juan Pablo Roque’s recent interview.

By Maggie Alejandre Khuly
Why after more than 16 years of silence is Juan Pablo Roque now talking about the Feb. 24 shoot-down? Roque spoke to journalist Tracey Eaton from his home in Havana; they talked about the four years that Roque spent in the United States and his present life in Cuba. They also discussed the shoot-down by Cuban MiGs of two American civilian aircraft in 1996. Roque, a former Cuban MiG pilot, had defected to the United States in 1992. He adapted well to life within Miami’s Cuban-American community and became a member of Brothers to the Rescue (BTTR) as a civilian pilot volunteer in the group’s search-and-rescue missions for Cuban rafters.

But the reality was another; Roque was a double-agent working for the Cuban government. On Feb. 23, 1996, Roque fled the United States to make his way back to the island. The following day two small, unarmed BTTR planes were shot down over international waters while looking for Cuban rafters. Three Americans and one U.S. resident were murdered when their planes were downed without previous warning, in egregious violation of international law.

Carlos A. Costa, Armando Alejandre Jr., Mario M. de la Peña and Pablo Morales were killed. On Feb. 26, Roque went before Cuban television and gave his version of the shoot-down. He detailed his disenchantment with the United States and what he described as the anti-Cuban government nature of the Miami Cuban-American community. The interview confirmed suspicions that Roque’s disappearance was related to the downing, later verified with his indictment as a member of the Wasp Network (Red Avispa), a Cuban espionage ring working in the United States and exposed in 1998.

Why did Roque agree to this interview? Does he want to reclaim the “persona’’ that was lost when, as an exposed spy, he was out of a job? Is he still resentful because the Cuban government apparently would never trust him to again fly an airplane? Is he, unconvincingly, trying to mend fences with a community he betrayed?

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  1. What can we say about Roque?He is simply a tool of the Castro Tyranny to execute another despicable act.The shooting down of three unarmed civilian Cessna airplanes.We should take in consideration that in a Cuban society where everything the citizen does is so scrutinized,How was it possible for Roque to Steal a Mig out of Cuba and land it in Florida? To anyone else around who never had the misfortune to live in such a repressive society would have been possible but to Cuban-Americans that lived and suffered under the communist boot,this event spelled another planned act of espionage by the Castro communist government.I put it simple,my father who was a political prisoner under the communist system waited 20 years to come to the US,where we endured everything,until President Reagan finally got us out of the Island through an mutual accord with the Castro Government.A Cuban Air force pilot is not a simple pilot,he is deeply indoctrinated in the tenets of Marxism Leninism and Castro communism and his family is supported by the Castro Government and he is giving privileges the rest of the Cuban population only dream about.Come on!

  2. Lately members of the Cuban apparatus who defect to the US are making it look like is so easy to defect or to escape from Cuban territory,is not a coincidence, we must always think that right under this scheme there is a meaning as why these figures are escaping.If these members of the Cuban Armed Forces are defecting now,Why it took them so long for them to be disenchanted with the System and I’m mentioning for instance the case of Mairelys Cueva Gomez who requested political asylum in the US from the Mexican frontier.This lady studied in the Lenin School,this school is integrated to the communist system where only the elite minority assisted and under intense Cuban government Background. She studied in the University of Havana where to be accepted ,you have to be a member of the Communist Youth.She work as a senior editor of the Grandma newspaper where she reviewed the Final edition of this newspaper to make sure the news and articles were edited according to the Cuban Communist Party’s views.Newspapers in the US said the reason of the asylum was disenchantment and looking for better working opportunities,really? This is like saying that DR Joseph Goebbels requested asylum at the peak of WW 2.Could this event be possible?Perhaps but it is unlikely?yes.We are not talking about a simple rafter that comes to the US looking for freedom.Only time will tell.

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