PERDUE: What Fidel Castro’s Nazi Recruits Says About the Left 3

Fact-checking communist hypocrisy

By Jon B. Perdue, Washington Times 10-16-12 [belated posting]

Though he appears to have taken a break from his writing, Fidel Castro utilized one of his last “Reflections” columns to commemorate “The 67th Anniversary of the Victory over Nazi Fascism.” In it, he offered congratulations to the Russian people, saying that, because the Soviets under Stalin had fought so hard to preserve Communism, they were able to “crush the invaders who wished to impose a thousand years of Nazism and holocaust on all humanity.”

The aging dictator has shown confusion in the past when applying the Nazi and holocaust labels. Two years earlier, he outraged many of the typically sympathetic members of the UN Human Rights Council meeting when he declared that the “Fuhrer’s swastika is today Israel’s banner,” adding: “The hatred felt by the state of Israel against the Palestinians is such that they would not hesitate to send the one and a half million men, women and children of that country to the crematoria where millions of Jews of all ages were exterminated by the Nazis.”

Castro’s calumny is standard fare in the professionally practiced anti-Semitism of today’s far-left propaganda, which tries to portray its ideological roots as antithetical and in opposition to Nazism and fascism, which it portrays as occupying the right side of the political spectrum. This has always been a false dichotomy, rooted more in historical schisms that occurred before World War II and the ideological turf-wrangling that took place after.

A story published last week in Germany’s Die Welt puts to rest this false dichotomy, proving that it is extremism itself, rather than the edifying tenets of particular extremist ideologies, that drives radical leaders to murder and oppress their own people, even as they proclaim it a necessary evil to reach the promised paradise of their particular ideology.

According to Die Welt, newly uncovered documents from the German intelligence agency (BND) show that Fidel Castro actively recruited former Nazi paramilitary officers to train his revolutionary army in 1962, and offered salaries four times higher than these former Nazis would have received in Germany to come to Havana to impart their know-how.

According to the declassified documents, the BND believed that Castro’s entreaties “Clearly showed that Cuban Revolutionary Army personnel had little fear of contact with our Nazi past when it served their own cause.” The report further states that four former Nazis had accepted the offer, and confirmed that two of the Nazi trainers actually made it to the island to begin work.

Castro apparently didn’t stop at purchasing the services of Nazi paramilitary trainers. According to the documents, Castro sought out the services of two renowned Nazi operatives, Otto Ernst Remer and Ernst-Wilhelm Springer, to help the Cuban government purchase 4000 Belgian machine guns.

Read the entire story here:



  1. Unfortunately, Fidel Castro’s fascination with Nazi efficiency and ruthlessness is not an isolated phenomenon in his time and geographical area. Right after the defeat of Nazi Germany, Argentinian dictator, Juan Domingo Perón, established a worldwide network for helping Nazi war criminals, military specialists and weapons engineers escape from Europe and settle in Argentina. With the help of the latter, Perón hoped to enhance the efficiency of his army and build an advanced military industry. By 1946 Argentina was even producing a jet fighter, modeled after the German Messerchmitt 262 but its cost was beyond the capabilities of the Argentinian economy to begin mass production.

    At the time Castro was wooing Nazi instructors to Cuba, another Third World dictator, Gamal Abdel Nasser of Egypt, had hundreds of former Nazi engineers working on his massive ballistic missiles program aimed at the destruction of Israel. Needless to say that in underdeveloped Third World countries such delusions were doomed to failure right from the beginning.

    However, Castro stayed long enough in power to implement his dream of having his repressive apparatus efficiently trained and equipped by the Germans. If not by WWII Nazis, at least by the “Socialist Gestapo” or the STASI, East German secret police.

    STASI was instrumental in turning Castro´s espionage machine into the world´s 4th most efficient intelligence organization, especially in so far as “la técnica operativa” is concerned, that is to say all the gadgetry used for spying on political opponents, dissidents and ordinary Cubans. It was also in partnership with the STASI that the slave labor program was launched in 1987 under which furniture was to be made for the Swedish company IKEA by political prisoners in Cuba´s concentration camps.

    And a left over from the STASI era is the Cuban system for border migration control which has been recently sold to Bolivia, another Latin American state on the verge of becoming a dictatorship. Back in the 1980s STASI supplied to both Cuba and Nicaragua what was then a state-of-the-art border control system complete with computers and surveillance cameras that was probably much perfected and developed by the Technical Operations Directorate of the Cuban MININT.

    Cuba, North Korea, Bolivia and Venezuela find it very hard to feed adequately their population but they always manage to find enough money to build advanced missiles systems and nuclear weapons or buy the latest fighter bomber or border migration systems.

    Sergio Klein
    Oct. 25, 2012

  2. Castro Intelligence Agency the DI was trained by the East German Stassi and the Soviet KGB.In Villa Marista and in Boniato they torture the prisoner Mentally and Physically,they use the Cold and war room where they interchange Very Cold rooms where the A/C is very high and others where the Heat is intense.In Boniato they used the water torture and they also leave the prisoner get very hungry and then they put in front of him the best of foods they are having but the prisoners they enjoy Interrogating are the Smokers.The Cuban DGI Use many techniques derided from the East Germans and the Nazis.

  3. Ramiro Valdez was in charge at the Beginning of the Revolution with coordinating the Intelligence training as well as The General Abelardo Colome Ibarra. Ramiro Valdez is a known hated repressor that was key in fighting the Anti Castro Guerrillas during the 1960’s in Cuba and not long ago went to Venezuela to help Chavez put together his repressive Regime.

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