Congressional Reps Seek Expulsion of MININT officer; Explanation for Convicted Spy’s Travels 1

20121102 IRL letter to State, Justice, DHS – Cuba

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  1. I’m very Glad that there are people in our country,United States of America that are willing to take action to deport from our country members of the Cuban MiNINT and to get rid of the repressive communist elements sent to the US by the Castro Regime. Me and my family are very glad that justice will be serve and in my opinion The United States Interest Office in Havana should conduct a better screening of applicants to make sure that only those with a legitimate background will come to our country. The MININT is not an ordinary organization, this organization serves the same purpose the German Gestapo serve in Nazi Germany.The active personnel of the MININT are not simply Government Officials they are Repressive Agents,agitators,Spies and torturers which are capable of committing the most violent crimes of those citizens seeking freedom.Once again.Thanks!

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