U.S.-Cuba Relations May Warm in 2nd Obama Term, Analysts Say 3

By Juan O. Tamayo, Miami Herald

MIAMI — MIAMI-The doors to warmer U.S.-Cuba relations will remain open following President Barack Obama’s election to another four-year term, but just how open will likely depend on how Havana handles the case of jailed U.S. subcontractor Alan Gross, analysts say.

Many Cubans on the island feared that a victory by Republican candidate Mitt Romney, who was backed by the GOP Cuban-Americans in the U.S. Congress, would lead to a toughening of Washington’s sanctions on the communist-ruled country. But the win by Obama, who declared shortly after his first election in 2008 that he wanted a “new start” to the long-hostile bilateral relations, will keep the doors open to measured expansions in travel, remittances, cultural and academic exchanges and perhaps even trade, analysts said.

“I expect continuity of the gradual opening since 2009,” said Mario Gonzalez-Corzo, a Cuba-born economist at Lehman College in New York City. No major changes in the laws governing U.S. sanctions on Cuba, such as the trade embargo, are likely to be approved by the next Congress, where all but one of the Cuban-American lawmakers who are highly critical of the Raul Castro government retained their seats. Voters re-elected Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, R-Fla., powerful chair of the House foreign affairs committee, as well as Reps. Mario Diaz Balart, R-Fla., and Albio Sires, D-N.J. They rejected Rep. David Rivera, R-Fla., the target of several investigations, in favor of Joe Garcia, a Democrat who favors better links to Cuba. In the Senate, where a single member can stall virtually any vote, Democrat Bob Menendez of New Jersey was re-elected to his second term and Ted Cruz of Texas, a 41-year-old conservative Republican and Cuban-American favored by the tea party, was elected to his first.

But Obama has the presidential power to expand or shrink relations by changing regulations. Since 2009 he has lifted virtually all restrictions on Cuban Americans who travel or send cash remittances to the island and allowed others to visit the island on educational tours known as “people-to-people” travel. About 400,000 U.S. residents visited the island last year and remittances from the U.S. were estimated at $2 billion a year – both providing powerful support for an island economy all but stagnant and facing tough market reforms. The travelers often delivered consumer goods later sold on the grey market.

“If Obama did nothing else to help the Cubans, he turned the informal economy in a country where the average salary is $20 a month into a powerful engine,” said a foreigner who lives in Havana and did not wish to be further identified. Dissidents and independent activists who attended a function at the U.S. diplomatic mission in Havana on Tuesday night favored Obama in a straw poll 64-19, according to reports by foreign journalists at the event. But the Cuban government has shown no such preference for Obama, saying before the U.S. vote Tuesday that whoever won would continue the U.S. “empire’s” campaign to destroy the Castro Revolution. “Let us hope that he (Obama) understands that Cuba is not his back yard, that he respects the sovereignty and freedom of the Cuban people,” noted the Twitter account of Yohandry Fontana, believed to be a Cuban intelligence front.

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  1. The Castro-communists do not understand any other change that to continue to rule the country the way they has been ruling it for 53 years.I’m in the opinion that we should control traveling to the island to prevent Castro from sending his spies to the US.The only change that Cuba needs is freedom,we should not been appeasing a dictator that has been worse or the same than Saddam Hussein,if we continue a policy of appeasement toward Castro,we are going to have the same regime sitting there for the next 20 years.When the US Senate is thinking about free sanctions against Cuba,The Cuban Government is interpreting this act as weakness and they will continue repressing their population.The Cuban people don’t need any cultural exchange,what they need is freedom of expression,freedom of speech,freedom to freely appoint their leaders in free elections.This is what they need.Let’s stop listening to Castro empty promises and star looking for a way once and for all to resolve the Cuban dilemma.

  2. The sanctions against the Cuban Government should not be lifted,every time we lift any sanction is a slap on the face to those political prisoners that had suffered and are still suffering for the simple desire to live in a free country.What happened to the Mig pilots that shot down the brothers to the rescue airplanes?Where is Juan Pablo Roque?When is he going to be brought to face justice?Where are the Cuban Coast Guard personnel that sunk the 13 de Marzo tug-boat where innocent lives including lot of kids died?These are the question,we as world leaders should be asking ourselves,if we really care for the cause of freedom in Cuba.STOP THE APPEASING!

  3. It is Ironic to know that even Communist sympathizers in US like Roberto Garcia Cabrejas are happy with Obama’s Victory.Roberto Garcia Cabrejas says in YOUTUBE In a channel named ILUMINADITA101 that now that the Black man won,he is going to travel to Cuba more often to drink Polar beer in Cuba,then he says he is going to return to the United States of America to export the Cuban revolution from the United States soil! Every time that people support the Cuban agenda they are indirectly helping the cause of communist Cuban Sympathizers and you are demeaning those who are fighting for their human rights in the Island.. REGRETTABLE!

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